Who was Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Guru Nanak was born on 29th November 1469 in the village of Rai Bhoey Di Talwanddi, now called Nankana Sahib (after the Guru), near Lahore, Pakistan. Today, his birth place is marked by Gurdwara Janam Asthan, Nankana Sahib. His father, Mehta Kaliyan Chand Bedi Ji, also known as Mehta Kalu, was thepatwari (accountant) of crop revenue for the village of Talwandi. Guru Nanak’s mother was Tripta Devi Ji and he had one older sister, Bebe Nanaki Ji.

The Guru was not a prophet or messenger according to the Sikh belief; but rather was the incarnate form of God. The word Guru literally means the one who ferries a being from darkness to enlightenment. We believe that God took responsibility of this task upon himself and came as Guru Nanak to guide the universe. We believe the Guru is not limited to Sikhs but shows a path for people of all faiths and backgrounds. The benevolence of the Guru is not limited to humans and extends to the entire universe including animals and ghosts.

The divinity of Guru Nanak was apparent from childhood. He amazed all that he came in contact with and required no education or training to begin his mission. In fact, on the first day of his schooling he was able to recite compositions so unique and deep that his tutors refused to teach him. He would not conform to anything that he did not agree with no matter how customary or normal it was for his contemporary society. For this reason many in the early stages of his life many considered him to be a madman or even possessed.

Guru Nanak projected himself as a servant of God and continued to live a simple, hardworking life for twenty-eight years. Many around him including his sister had become acquainted with his divinity but he was still unknown to the masses. One day when the Guru went to bathe in the River Bein he did not return for three days. Finally, after his return he revealed his form to the people of the earth.

After this he began to preach the way of righteousness and embarked on an extensive journey to many parts of the Indian subcontinent, Saudi Arabia and beyond. Out of the founders of all world religions Guru Nanak travelled the most and that too, by foot. His life story is filled with chronicles of all those that he redeemed, this included cannibals, thieves and even prostitutes. Both Hindus and Muslims revered him wherever he went and the Guru aided seekers of spirituality impartially. He denounced all forms of prejudice and established the Sikh congregation – sangat as a hub for spiritual development.

The Guru left his mortal body in 1539 at the village of Kartarpur in the Doaba region of Punjab. Before leaving his body he appointed Bhai Lehna as the next Guru and this began the sequence of Guru’s in the Sikh faith. The Sikhs believe that the Guru’s all shared the same light i.e. the wisdom and power of Sri Guru Nanak Dev and were one and the same form.


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